How can you start?

The first thing you can do is to sign up in our Hub and select the right option for you, Business user or Freelancer user.

Business User:

  • You can publish individual tasks or full projects.
  • Freelancers can apply once the task is public.
  • You can search and hire professional freelancers.
  • You can request to learn how to do it, or have it done.
  • You can contact the ones you think could help you.
  • Filter profiles as per reviews, knowledge, price, language, location and much more.

Freelancer User:

  • You can publish and promote your services.
  • Apply to projects or tasks published by businesses.
  • Businesses can contact and hire your services.
  • Powerful businesses, tasks, and projects filters.
  • Teach how to do a specific task.

Why we created xperienze?

Working with xperienze under a remote model, means having experts working from anywhere, just when you require and to accomplish a particular task as a team or as an individual level.

Join in the community, publish your task as a business, or search in our Hub to select a range of professionals.

Hire freelancers to help you achieve tasks in different disciplines, from financial experts, accounting, business managers, marketing professionals, content creators, data analyst, and much more.

Now you can build your ideal business teams working with independent professionals, reducing the hiring cost of having full time employees, or attaching to long term contracts with agencies.

You can learn how to do it online, or you can request to have it done for you.

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